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Droid Escape

A space adventure

Andrew S. and his robot Droid 07 were kidnapped and locked in different rooms inside a spaceship controlled by DreX Corp. What they don't know is that Andrew has a device to control Droid 07 remotely and can use it to escape back to his planet. In this adventure help Droid 07 overcome challenges and uncover
mysteries to free his friend from the enemy forces.

Pippos Quest

Advergame of the brand Pippos of São Braz company. In an adventure full of dangers and challenges, your mission is to help Xeleco and his gang find all the Pippos that have been stolen by the evil chicken of evil. 


As aventuras da Baby V

Game developed in partnership with Youtuber Flávia Calina. The adventures of Baby brings educational entertainment content to children from 3 years of age. Get it now!


Pinto no Balde

The game is a very entertaining advergame developed for the fast food chain Pinto in the Bucket. Play and challenge your friends and see who can put more chicks in the bucket 



Advergame developed in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the advertising agency Antares.

Mobirise Mobirise

Bolachinha Voa Voa

Game inspired by the "Cueio" cartoon series of the YouTube Channel Gato Galatico.

Mobirise Mobirise

Hyper Puzzle

Swipe left, right, up and down across puzzles full of challenges, escaping spiky balls, floating platforms, traps and much more!

Get all the coins and unlock colorful and challenging new levels!
Be quick, but watch out for the spikes!

How far can you go?!

Mobirise Mobirise