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Help Droid 07 to save Andrew from the evil corp.

A space adventure

 Andrew S. and his robot Droid 07 were kidnapped and locked in different
rooms inside a spaceship controlled by DreX Corp. What they don't know is that
Andrew has a device to control Droid 07 remotely and can use it to escape back
to his planet. In this adventure help Droid 07 overcome challenges and uncover
mysteries to free his friend from the enemy forces.

A puzzle game full of challenges 

- The game has a progression system for the main character Droid 07 that unlocks new
skills as the player advances through the levels.
- Over 50 levels in 5 different and colorful worlds.
- Online ranking on each level, allowing the player to replay a level again and again to
reach the highest score and the leaderboards.
- Collectable coin system that can be used to purchase cosmetic customization like
costumes, acessories and ornaments. Also available to unlock new in-game content
such as new levels and side story missions.
- 2 playable characters with completely different playstyle and mechanics.
- Nice sound effects and exciting music tracks to keep the player fully immersed in the
- Awesome cute cartoon style graphics and fluid animations with memorable

Avaiable soon

© Produced by TicJoy